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Victoria Hoffman - Pro Makeup Artist

      Victoria Hoffman is a Philly-NYC based makeup artist. For 14 years, she's worked as an artist and educator for luxury cosmetic brands including Fresh and Hourglass, and is currently a Pro Artist & Trainer for Tarte Cosmetics in North America. 


     She loves working with bridal clients and some of her other favorite collaborations have been with musicians, actors, fashion designers.  She also has experience working on multiple film/video projects.

     In addition to makeup Victoria loves to sing and is a classically trained vocalist.

V I E W   P O R T F O L I O

down2earth adj. (1932) 1: with no illusions or pretensions 2: practical and realistic.


DIVA noun (1883) 1 a: the main female singer in an opera company b: PRIMA DONNA 2: a usually glamorous and successful female performer or personality


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